tulips"If you live through defeat, you're not defeated. If you are beaten but acquire wisdom, you have won. Lose yourself to improve yourself. Only when we shed all self-definition do we find who we really are." RZA

After a few years of severe illness and months of being bed- ridden in my twenties, I was forced to make some drastic life changes! I survived having been given less than a 5% chance of survival due to health complications. Even so, I was told my heart and other organs were severely damaged and I would possible not live to see my 30's. I am grateful for the privilege to have worked with a team of outstanding Medical and Naturopath Doctors for 2 very intense years and have continued to stay in contact with them ever since. They have taught me so much and I am thankful for their support and expertise.

Through all of this I have learned that, if we want something bad enough it is possible to achieve it, even if it seems impossible!! It was my doctors who inspired me to practice yoga as a way to heal and regain strength gently and mindfully! I found yoga in 2009 as a way to practice self-care and began a journey towards good health and the ability to thrive again.

For me, teaching yoga is not just about promoting fitness and strength. It’s a holistic approach to life I take off the yoga mat as well. I am passionate about overall health, promoting wellness, finding joy in simplicity, and loving life! Through the combination of gentle yoga, natural eating, natural medicine, meditation, and reconnecting to a beautiful simple life I am well on the way to full recovery.

I’m a survivor of trauma, PTSD, extreme illness, physical injuries, postpartum psychosis, anxiety, strokes, chronic fatigue, and depression. Now in my thirties, I am a certified yoga instructor, enjoying great health, and working on becoming a yoga therapist and health & wellness coach. I also enjoy Aromatherapy and Acro-yoga! My passion is using yoga as an assisting medical tool for improving overall health of mind, body, and spirit!jill2

I desire to share the benefits of yoga and a joyful lifestyle to guide my students to deeper levels of healing; helping them to find peace, relief, and comfort as I have. I believe strongly in the power of life experience!

I became a certified yoga instructor in 2012 through the well-known international training system Yogafit and continue my education with their highly educated master trainers! I am now a Therapeutic Yoga Practitioner and have experience working with clients who are recovering from Strokes, Anxiety Disorders, various types of Depression, including Postpartum Depression, Postpartum Psychosis, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Lack of Mobility, Flexibility or Strength, Diabetes, Osteoporosis, Parkinson's, Chronic Pain, Arthritis, Alzheimer's, Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia, as well as Cancer survivors! I am excited to be offering Therapeutic Yoga Classes at Mt Hood Legacy Medical Campus (MHMC)!  Sharing yoga and what it can do for you is my passion! ~ I am now offering Pre-and Post-Natal yoga classes as well!

I am presently offering classes in Gresham, Sandy, and the Mt. Hood area (Portland, Oregon). As well as In-Home private therapeutic yoga sessions. When not teaching yoga, enjoying my own home practice, or leading other various yoga events you will find me reading, hiking, puttering in our vegetable garden, and herb beds. I also enjoy backpacking, mycology, spelunking, Permaculture, and world travel. My name is: Nyssa-Grace, which is Greek and means "a gentle strength" & "one who strives toward a goal