Postpartum Recovery Plan, (The Healing Journey)

This is a special offer for postpartum recovery yoga therapy and would be considered an “add-on” to “your core doula package” at a reduced rate. Yoga Therapy for postpartum mothers includes emotional health awareness and restoring the physical body! Included: postpartum belly wrapping (helps shrink the uterus, supports the belly and back, and has been known to reduce back and pelvic ache, helps to reshape and smooth the body), belly skin care to help reduce the visibility and effects of scars and

stretchmarks, yoga therapy sessions to repair and restructure the body (female core

and pelvic floor), find balance, increase stamina, gain strength, reduce aches and pain.

Postpartum Recovery Protocol Price: 5 sessions is recommended for recovery: packaged price $650

Add this service onto the core doula package: $500 (save $150).